‘’Art has been in the forefront of my life since I can remember. It has always been a part of me. From the first time I picked up that pencil, it’s never left. My style of art is ever changing and growing, picking up inspiration from my travels around the world and my curious nature allowing me to continuously be intrigued by the notions of the world. My main subject matter for my work is people. I’m forever intrigued and amazed by people, and the stories that their faces tell.

People are intricate pieces of work, and tattoos are in depth descriptions of who they are. Tattoos tell stories and poems of these people. The moment I realized this, and allowed myself the opportunity, tattoos came naturally. Why not focus the artistic flow of the stories people tell on creating a book on a canvas that’s breathing.

I’m in the learning phase of my journey, ready to tackle new ideas, styles and concepts with the utmost love and passion for this beautiful form of art’’