About Joey

I started tattooing end 2012, after my apprenticeship. I have always been drawn to tattoos from a young age.  When I started it was pretty grueling and hardcore! Long hours and very few days off, paying my dues to learn and gain my skills. I definitely got worked like a workhorse—and it got me to get started on my own. I am a qualified with The Tattoo Academy and I am a registered tattoo artist wit SAITA  (South African Institute of Tattoo Artists).

I’m a true fan of art; having an artistic view of life and all within it I appreciate art in its many forms. In the tattoo industry there’s so much talent, a lot of people to look up to. You get inspired easily.

My natural style is black and grey, however I have expanded into different areas purely because I appreciate art in any style or form.  When I started I worked on a lot of black and grey and I was absolutely fascinated by it. I keep learning so much from it.  That’s what I appreciate from being a tattoo artist. A tattoo is a piece of art and it should be treated like one.  It’s hard work, but extremely satisfying.

I’m always learning in this epic art form.  Every day I learn something new. That’s why I am so focused right now and want to keep it that way. You have so much now to learn from and with all the different ink machines, the approaches to the techniques, it’s constant evolution.  I would like to travel more and take my art as far as I can.

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching work when I have spare time, this is my other passion, instead of using a tattoo machine I use my pencil. My creative drawing side comes out when everyone is sleeping. I normally do my designs during that time as well.

I admire many tattoo artists, some come to mind immediately—but are not limited to— my ultimate favourite is Dmitriy Samohin, I am also inspired by  Rob Richardson, Victor Portugal, Randy Engelhard, Paul Booth and Bob Tyrell.

I was planning to move to Cape Town and start my new life there beginning 2014 with the vision of opening up a studio within the first 2 years. This dream was stopped in its tracks when I was involved in an accident that kept me in Johannesburg. I started a studio at home that was convenient at that time. The setback has only enhanced my artistic drive.  I opened my shop in BelAir Shopping Center  (Northriding, Randburg) on 1 June 2015 on my 21st birthday – the perfect gift to myself – my love, my passion.

I would like to thank everyone in the tattoo and graffiti communities, as well as my amazing family and friends for support and inspiration. Thanks to love, friendship, music and art, I am me.


Joey’s Inks